Who is Coach Ninja?

Having recently finished schooling in addition to practicum in the coaching arena the value resonates clearly, coaching can make an astounding impact, a fundamental imprint if you will. When we think of success, whether individually or professionally, it is often linked to qualities such as intelligence, education, and expertise. Research indicates that although organizations tend to hire based primarily on skill set and education the actual fact is that these qualities represent only about a quarter of what will predict your job success, the overwhelming factor is that the majority of success is related to happiness and outlook; an individual’s ability to be positive when viewing the world and to react to adversity as a challenge rather than an obstacle. I believe that coaching is fundamental to achieving this type of happiness and bringing out an individual’s very best with a focus on your vision, needs and values.

Professional coaching services offer a direct route to create and facilitate a coaching environment within an organization; encouraging the further development of strategic business growth plans and building on each employee’s core competencies, which in turn, will lead to a much stronger and more capable team.

Let an experienced coach focus on identifying your specific professional goals, identify the implementation of your plan of action to succeed, whilst working through any obstacles and helping improve your business environment and ultimately your level of personal happiness and success.

This endeavour will be primarly based on my research and findings with the greater goal of improved knowledge, self awareness and removing the self-imposed limitations that will lead to the kind of self-development that can mean true freedom and a sincere hopeful life outlook.